How do you play Popa Prostu

Everyone betflix888 misses their childhood from time to time. Most often, people associate childhood with various foods, smells, but also with a lot of games. Every generation has their own games that made their childhood happy – from games played outside, in the yard or behind the block, to games that usually took place indoors.

Among the latter is Popa Prostu, a card game well known to all ages. Maybe many of you have played it as an adult, not just as a child.

If you haven’t yet or if you haven’t heard of this game, the article below will tell you everything you need to know about this Popa Prostu card game and the Popa Prostu rules.

In short, the game Popa Prostu has the following purpose: to form a combination of four cards of the same suit, and the player who remains with the popa card in his hand is the one who loses the game, that is, Popa Prostu. Usually, the Popa Prostu rule set also includes penalties for the losing player.

This is one of the simplest card games. The rules are few and easy to understand. It’s very funny, especially if those participating in the game also agree with the inclusion of punishments. These add to the fun of the card game.

Popa Prostu card game can be played at home with family or friends, can be played on a trip with friends or colleagues. It can be played by both children and adults, being a game that increases competitiveness.

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How to play Popa Prostu 2022
As you have learned from the lines above, the Popa Prostu card game is simple to play, with rules that everyone can understand. Now is the time to find out how to play Popa Prostu.

You need playing cards, a little attention and at least a playing partner. After these conditions have been met, it is determined which card takes the place of Pop, i.e. the card with which the defeated player will remain in hand (Stupid Pop). Then, sets of numbers are chosen from a deck of cards based on the number of players participating in the Popa Prostu game. For example, if you are three players you can choose the set of aces, queens and jacks.

It must be specified that the card that takes the place of the Pope is in addition to the set of cards chosen according to the number of participants. More specifically, if you’ve chosen a three-player Ace, Queen, and Jack set, Popa Prostu can be any card other than Ace, Queen, and Jack.

A universally valid Popa Prostu regulation is taken into account, which includes the following steps:

Mix the cards well.
One of the players (usually the one who shuffled them) divides the cards equally, both for himself and for the other participants, depending on the number of players. Four cards are dealt to each person, and the last person in line gets five cards. According to the Popa Prostu ruleset, it is very important that players do not show their cards to each other, otherwise the fun of the game decreases.
In principle, last will be first, the player who received five cards is the first to put down a card. That card must be placed face down, so that the other players do not know what symbol is on the card that is meant for the next player. No one needs to know which card is put down and which card is taken. The participant to whom the card was intended will take it, quickly look at it and put another card down for the next player.
This rhythm of the game continues until one of the participants manages to get the first set of four cards of the same suit. Once he has done this, he will put the cards down for the other players to see.
The player who remains with the Popa Prostu card is declared the loser of the Popa Prostu card game and will receive a penalty.
Now you’ve learned how to play Popa Prostu, but you still need a few tips to make sure you’re among the winners and not the ones getting punished. For example, if you have a hand of two aces and three jacks, you will put down an ace when it is your turn because you would rather form four jacks than four aces.

Another tip to keep in mind in this Popa Prostu card game is this: if you are the unlucky one with the Popa Prostu card in your hand, you need to get rid of it as quickly as possible because you never know when one of the playing partners manages to first form the four cards of the same suit and you will remain the Foolish Popa and you will be punished. You have to be on your toes and quick to react so you don’t end up with that card that no one wants.

In case you were wondering if there are more than one kind of Popa Prostu card game, well there is only one kind of game that adheres to that Popa Prostu rule explained earlier. Of course, the desired card sets and punishments can be chosen according to one’s imagination. If young children participate in the game, it is advisable to choose cards with the most suggestive images, such as queens or jacks. Thus, they can easily remember the pictures and it is easier for them to form the sets of four cards of the same kind.

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Popa Prostu card game history
Now that you know how to play Popa Prostu, you may be wondering who invented this game and why it’s called Popa Prostu. Unfortunately, there are no historical sources that place this game in a specific time period and attribute it to a specific “inventor”. What is known for certain is that card games were invented by the Chinese, roughly in the 9th century during the Tang Dynasty.

The books of the ancient Chinese were divided into four categories that corresponded to a certain value of cash money – small coins, piles of coins, hundreds of coins and thousands of coins. Not many details are known, but it is believed that the games were based on bets, and the cards represented both the stake and the cash equivalent.

Later playing cards reached Egypt and then India. Later, in the 14th century, playing cards also reached Europe, specifically in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. Quickly, their popularity grew. And nowadays there is a real industry of games of chance and, implicitly, of card games, of which the Popa Prostu game is a part, loved by both children and adults.

In ancient times, playing cards was not for the common people, but only for those in the high social strata. From here we deduce that the people of the 21st century are privileged because they can play different games of chance both in real casinos and online, thanks to the technology that has evolved extremely much in recent years.

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More details about Popa Stupu card game
The punishment stage is perhaps the funnest phase of the game Popa Prostu, that’s why in order to not feel awkward, before the start of the game it is advisable to discuss the set of punishments to make everyone feel comfortable, the purpose of the game being fun. Punishments can be written on the tickets, and at the end, the “lucky” loser will draw a “winning” ticket.

Also, in order to avoid cheating and to maintain fairness, it is recommended that each player, when it is their turn, place their cards face down. Adhering to the Popa Prostu ruleset also means not looking at your fellow players’ cards.

Also to make everyone feel comfortable, it’s good to decide together which card will be Popa Prostu. That way, everyone will know which card to avoid.

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