How is Macau 2022 played

Macau betflik 789 is a card game with simple rules that are easy for anyone to understand, so it can be played even by young children. It can also be played online, at some casinos, which means that in addition to having fun, you can also win money.

There is no official set of Macau rules. Due to the fact that there is no official (legal) regulation, the game has come to be practiced in many ways, to be adapted according to context and imagination. Specifically, several game variants “revolve” around a basic Macau rulebook.

What is important to know about Macau is that it is an individual game, so it is not played in pairs or teams. Another thing to remember is that you need all 52 cards from a normal deck, including the Black Joker and the Red Joker. So absolutely all cards are used.

The first player to finish the cards in their hand is declared the winner. If there are more than four players, it continues until the third player finishes the cards in their hand.

How to play Macau?
As you learned from the lines above, the rules are simple. In the following you will see, step by step, how to play Macau. After you learn how to play Macau, you will be able to explain to your friends how to play and what the Macau rules set is.

Here’s how Macau is played:

One of the players will thoroughly shuffle all the cards in the deck. As the dealer, he will also deal the cards to the other players. Each person will receive five cards. The dealer will either deal the first player all five cards, then the second player all five cards (the operation is repeated until the last player), or he will deal one card to the first player, one card to the second (it repeat until each player has one card), then deal another card to each player and repeat dealing one card to each player until everyone has five cards. The cards must be dealt face down so that no one knows which cards the playing partners have.
According to the Macau rule set, the dealer chooses a card from the remaining undealt deck, turns it face up, places it on the table, then places the deck on the table, also face down.
The player who starts the game is the one who was dealt the cards first. According to this Macau rule, the player must cover the playing card with a card of the same symbol or value. For example, if there is a red ten card down, then the player must put a ten card (it doesn’t matter the color) or a red card (it doesn’t matter the value) over that card.
If he does not have the right card in his hand, then he takes the first card from the deck on the table.

Each player follows the type of Macau game rules described in point 3 until those who run out of cards in their hand are declared winners.
If the stack of cards is finished, play continues with the cards dealt along the way. The card at the “top” of the pile is kept face up, and the others are turned face down.

To follow the Macao rule set, the person who has a card left in their hand must say “Macao” out loud. If he forgets to do so, then he will take five cards from the deck.

The first player to finish the cards in their hand is declared the winner. If there are more than four players, the game continues until the first three players finish their cards, then it is stopped.
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How to play Macau – Special Cards 2022
Now that you’ve learned how to play Macau, it’s time to find out what role special cards play in the game, according to the Macau ruleset:

cards of value 2 or 3 = the player who has to cover a card of 2 or 3 must take two or three cards from the bottom, as the case may be, if he does not have a card of that value;
K card = if there is a red K playing card down, this means that the next player has to take five cards from the deck, and if there is a black K playing card down then the previous player has to take five cards from the bottom, under this Macau regulation;
the AS card = the player who puts down an Ace, can change the card to anything he wants, so the next player will have to put down exactly that card requested by the owner of the Ace;
card with value 4 = next player stands aside for one turn;
black Joker and red Joker card = the next player after the one who put down a black Joker or a red Joker must take from the deck no more and no less than five and ten cards, respectively; the joker can be placed on top of any other card.
the card with the value 7 = stops a “swell” i.e. if the playing partner before you has put down a black Joker you will not take five cards from the deck if you have a 7 in your hand and put it down over the black Joker.
The role of the special books stated above is a general, indicative one. Their role differs depending on the playstyle adopted by each player because as written earlier in this article, there is no hard and fast Macau rulebook.

Types of Macau 2022
The Macau game is played in several variants. Two of the best known and most commonly practiced are Dot Macau and Number Macau. But there are other types, which are mentioned below.

Point Macau – follows the same set of Macau rules as previously stated, with the exception that the game ends when the first person has run out of cards from their hand and each player counts their points.

Each card has a certain value based on which the final score is calculated. Thus, cards 2 to 10 have the exact value written on them, and cards 12 and above have the subdecimal equivalent (eg J has two dots, etc). The 7 card is worth 25, and whoever ends the game with a 7 doubles the other players’ points.

The score is noted in a table and can go up to 500 points. The first player to reach 500 points is declared the winner.

Macau by numbers – the same set of Macau rules are followed. The difference from the other variants of Macau is given by the special cards. They are Joker, Ace, 7, 5, 4, 3 and 2.

Black joker = the next player takes 5 cards;
Red joker = next player takes ten cards;
AS = change the card to any sign;
card 7 = stop a “swell”;
card 5 = when someone “attacks” you you can make the next player take the cards for you;
card 4 = wait a turn;
card 2 or 3 = the player who has to cover a card of 2 or 3 must take two or three cards from the bottom, as the case may be, if he does not have a card of that value.
Macau Double – played according to the same Macau rules. The difference is that at the end you discard two cards if they are of the same suit, instead of discarding one.

Macau 7 – is played according to the same type of Macau game rules. The difference is given by cards with a value of 7, which are used to stop a “swell”/punishment.

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Macau history
It is not known exactly when Macao appeared and who invented it. What is known for sure is that during the communist period, this was a very popular game.

It is also known that card games were invented by the Chinese, around the 9th century during the Tang Dynasty. The books of the ancient Chinese were divided into four categories that corresponded to a certain value of cash money – small coins, piles of coins, hundreds of coins and thousands of coins.

Later the playing cards reached Egypt and then India. Later, in the 14th century, playing cards also reached Europe, specifically in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. Quickly, their popularity grew. And nowadays there is a real industry of gambling and, by implication, card games.

Other details about Macau game 2022
You already know how to play Macau, so it’s time to learn some tips that will guarantee that you will always be a winner. It is preferable to keep an Ace or a Joker in your hand for the end game. These cards can be placed on top of any other card.

If you’re playing on points, get rid of the high-value cards first so you don’t end up with them in your hand if another player runs out of cards before you.

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